Project Description

Client:   City of New Orleans – Capital Projects Administration
Location:   10101 Dwyer Road – New Orleans, LA 70128
Building Area: 15,000 sq ft
Year Completed:   2012
Value: $5,643,000
Architect:   Imre Hegedus and Associated Architects

The newly constructed Seventh District Police Station is a local, state of the art Police Headquarters facility serving the entire New Orleans East neighborhood.

The Challenges

This ground up, pile supported, fully sprinklered, steel structure was constructed not only to serve as the nerve center of Police operations in the district but was also constructed to serve as an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in the event of a hurricane or other disaster. The project required a full array of communications systems, security cameras systems, and IT interface from HQ. To meet the challenges required of an EOC, a 625KVA dual purpose diesel and natural gas generator was installed on a raised platform high above the base flood elevation to allow full operation of the building in the event of a power failure.

Special features include colorful insulated aluminum panels as the exterior building skin which were featured in several magazines and a large skylight in the main lobby allowing for natural light and reduced lighting during daylight hours. Further, integral exterior sunscreens reduce direct sun on the fenestrations. Given its location in a flood prone area of New Orleans, the building was constructed for the main floor to be over nine feet above the surrounding site which allowed for a large shaded parking area as well as other adjacent landscaped parking areas to accommodate additional squad cars and visitors.