Project Description

Client:   City of New Orleans – Capital Projects Administration
Location:   3001 Earhart Blvd. – New Orleans, LA 70125
Surface Area: 37,700 square feet
Year Completed:   2015
Value: $11,872,000
Architect:  George Hero Architect, LLC

The newly constructed Coroner’s Facility and Emergency Medical Services Complex is a jointly used campus serving two vital functions for the all of New Orleans. The Coroner’s portion approximately 24,000 square feet is a local, state of the art forensic facility. The Emergency Medical Services portion is approximately 14,400 square feet and is the central office and embarkation point for all city ambulances.

The Challenges

This ground up, pile supported, steel structure with plaster and brick veneer exterior walls, is designed to serve both functions described above. The Coroner’s area of operations includes spaces for Vehicle Evidence, Autopsy Areas, Morgue Coolers, Pathology Laboratory, Histology Laboratory, Tissue Storage, Investigative Offices, as well as the Administrative and Records Storage functions of the Coroner’s Office. The Emergency Medical Services portion houses shaded covered parking for ambulances as well as Administrative Offices and Locker/Shower Rooms, a Dining Area, an Assembly Area, and Supply Storage for the entire EMS operation. The site was the former site of a railroad roundabout and contained below ground concrete bunkers for accessing the underside of diesel train engines. The subsurface of the site was littered with underground obstructions consisting of old railroad ties, pieces of tracks and brick corbelled foundations from long abandoned foundations. These site conditions made performing the site work a great challenge in constructing the facility.