Algiers Final 011

Project Description

Client:   City of New Orleans – Capital Projects Administration
Location:   225 Morgan Street, Algiers, New Orleans, LA 70114
Building Area: 3,000 sq ft
Year Completed:   2005
Value: $382,000
Architect:   Roger Bailey and Associated Architects

This project consisted of the renovation of the Historic Algiers Courthouse Stables into a new museum highlighting the history of Algiers and its culture.

The Challenges

This building was the former stables housing the horses which once pulled the fire and police wagons for the Algiers area. It is adjacent to the historic courthouse which is still in use. Given the unique historic nature of the building, all work meticulously matched details taken from the original 1896 archive drawings.

The challenge was to restore the building, to reconstruct the historic millwork and masonry detailing to a building which had fallen into severe disrepair while at the same time not affecting the operation of the adjacent courthouse. After carefully removing several layers of broken brick and concrete floors, an entirely new scored and polished concrete slab was installed as well as all new electrical system, hvac and fire alarm and plumbing systems. A new mezzanine was constructed to house additional exhibits and the building also serves as a community gathering space for neighborhood meetings and events.