Project Description

Client:  State Office of Facility Planning and Control
Location:   100 Veterans Highway – New Orleans, LA 70124
Building Area: 12,000 square feet
Year Completed:   2012
Value: $3,132,000
Architect: Group Novak and Associated Architects

The newly constructed one story, pile supported, steel structure was constructed to serve as the State of Louisiana’s pre-eminent Office of Public Safety in the New Orleans area.

The Challenges

The project posed the unique challenge of constructing a facility at the corner of a very busy intersection of Veterans Highway and Interstate Highway 10. The building contains over 30 work stations as well as a large public waiting space to accommodate those getting and renewing driver’s licenses and the registration of vehicles for the State of Louisiana. A sophisticated data system was required to accommodate the high traffic of public use. The building also houses private staff areas, testing areas, offices, as well as a loading dock for handling the large volume of forms, license plates and other consumables required by the facility.

A small staff kitchen as well as accessible ramps, restrooms, and counters were incorporated into the construction. The site was on the banks of the historic new Basin Canal and as such the spoils from the digging of the canal were deposited on the site allowing for the very poor soil conditions. Work on the adjacent parking areas required over three feet of excavation and backfill to obtain compaction required to construct suitable parking for the facility.